The True Cost of a DUI Conviction

Accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol are among of the most commonly faced in the U.S. Whether you have been falsely accused of this offense or know that you have made a mistake, you need to be aware of all the aspects of your case so that you have the best possible chance of getting your charges dropped.

It is a widely spoken of issue in the U.S. Drinking and driving is discouraged by the government and law enforcement and they try different tactics to get people to stay off of the roads. This is a necessary step in ensuring the safety of both the drivers and everyone else around them. Law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers and members of the public are asked to report anyone who appears to be exhibiting erratic behavior. However, false accusations of DUI are not uncommon and it is possible that some police officers and prosecutors are over-eager in DUI arrests and convictions.If you or a family member was accused of driving while intoxicated, you need to have a good understanding of DUI and the possible penalties you could be facing. Although the laws vary state by state, they are generally very similar. One aspect of the case that is the same in every state is that the legal limit for blood alcohol content is below 0.08%. If a driver was shown to have this amount of alcohol in their bloodstream, they could be immediately placed under arrest and be facing a conviction. There are different sets of circumstances that could arise which could increase the penalties, such as causing an accident that involved property damage or bodily injury, having an aggravated BAC, or having a minor in the car while driving under the influence.The cost of a DUI includes restrictions on freedoms and monetary penalties. The amount of time spend behind bars will differ based on whether the conviction was a misdemeanor or a felony as well as whether anyone was injured or killed. The offender’s driving privileges could also be taken away for a set amount of time. This could hinder their ability to get to work and take care of their family. If the individual held a commercial driver’s license which they depended on in order to carry out their work tasks, this could mean that they lose their job.

Monetary penalties for DUI can also prove to be a heavy burden for the offender. First, they could have to pay fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars at the time of their conviction. There will also be attorney fees and court fees as well as compensation for any property damage or injury. After a multiple DUI conviction, the individual could be required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. If this is the case, they will have to pay to have it installed as well as pay a monthly fee while it is in the car. This brief overview simply serves as an example of the true cost of a DUI conviction and how important it is to defend yourself against such accusations.

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