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Eugene Ellis, Attorney at Law (a.k.a. Mr. DUI)

Known locally as MR. DUI, Eugene Ellis is one of the pre-eminent DUI attorneys in Southern California. With 36 years of legal experience, more than 32 years of his career has been dedicated exclusively defending DUI and DMV only cases… [read more]

Mitchell Mehdy, Attorney at Law (a.k.a. Mr. Ticket)

Known locally as MR. TICKET, Mitch is probably the only attorney in San Diego who devotes his entire practice to low-cost defense of traffic tickets and DMV Hearings! There are numerous reasons to keep a clean driving record: 1) As many… [read more]

Charles Gilliland, Attorney at Law

Charles Gilliland, Attorney at Law 20 Years Experience “3 Strikes” Advanced level felony jury trial attorney. Respected by judges as firm but gentle, highly honorable, and trustworthy. Charles received his undergraduate degree from the… [read more]

Jack Smith, Police Practices and Procedures

Jack Smith is an experienced Police Practices and Procedures Expert that has qualified and successfully testified as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test expert witness in the Federal and State courts.   Jack has personally reviewed and… [read more]

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