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EUGENE ELLIS, known locally as “Mr.DUI“, is one of the pre-eminent DUI attorneys in Southern California.  With over 36 years of legal experience, more than 32 years of his career has been dedicated to defending DUI cases.

: Mr. Ellis graduated from the Western State University  College of Law in 1975, took the 1976 winter California Bar Exam, and was one of the 37% of first-time exam takers to pass on the first attempt.  He went on to take post-graduate law courses at the University of Southern California, University of San Diego, and Hastings University School of Law.  After completing his education in San Diego, where he has lived most of his adult life, Mr. Ellis has continually upgraded his skills as a DUI attorney. Please take a minute to look at just a few of the courses he has taken that are outlined in the Expertise Is Required to Beat the System section.

: Beginning his career with a two-attorney medical malpractice firm, Mr. Ellis learned the lessons of David and Goliath.  At times facing defense firms with up to 60 lawyers, he learned he could take on difficult cases and beat the large firms at their own games. Unwilling to give in to the Goliath law firms, Mr. Ellis often worked around the clock fighting the frequently bullying tactics used against smaller firms. These experiences cemented his desire to fight on behalf of the underdog and are used in his battles against a massive government system designed to prosecute DUI defendants.

: After years of practice, Mr. Ellis concluded that the attorney who limits his practice to one area of the law inevitably gains sufficient expertise to have the upper hand in litigation. In the words of Russell Cromwell: Find something, anything, and do it better than anyone else in the world, and the public will eventually find out about you and beat a path to your door.”

In 1980 Mr. Ellis began the “San Diego Ticket Clinic.”  After years of fighting every sort of traffic violation from ordinary traffic tickets to driving under the influence (DUI) cases, he had the honor to work for some time with Bill Fielden, a famous DUI and federal criminal attorney.  Together, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Fielden were extremely aggressive attorneys, not only in their methods of practicing law, but also in their ability to “swim upstream” and fight unpopular causes which they felt were just. In 1986, after building a successful practice, Mr. Ellis decided that he would further limit his practice to handling only DUIs.

In 1986, enter Mitchell Mehdy, a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, aggressive young attorney who was tired of working with big law firms where you are just a number and who wanted an area of specialization and a chance to make a name for himself. Mitchell was the ideal candidate to take over the traffic ticket and DMV part of the then “San Diego Ticket Clinic” and so was born an association that has endured through the years until today. In that division of labors Mitchell Mehdy does all the traffic tickets, DMV hearings, traffic warrants and drivers license related offenses other than DUI, which Mr. Ellis limits his practice to. Mr. Mehdy then became “Mr. Ticket” under license from Mr. Ellis and Mr. Ellis became “Mr. DUI”, each limiting their practices to their respective areas.

When you do one thing to the exclusion of anything else, year after year, you obtain a cutting edge that is hard or impossible for other attorneys not so fortunate in being able to limit their practice to achieve. That is common sense and it is especially true of Medicine or Law because they are so complex. Of all the criminal law cases DUI lends itself especially well to limited practice because it is more complex than any other type of criminal case, except the very complex murder and rape felony complex of crimes. The metabolism of alcohol in the human body causes a person, for example, to be guilty of DUI one hour after his last drink, but not guilty twenty minutes after his last drink when he was stopped by an officer who saw him leaving a bar.  DUI is a nightmare combination of science, law and politics all trying to live comfortably in one bed together.  The result is “legal chaos”.  Only the attorney that limits his practice to DUI stands a chance of understanding all the complex issues and of raising the best defense in most DUI cases. DMV hearings equally are tough nuts to crack for the average attorney, and in San Diego, with no way to get around without a license, it can mean the loss of a job or even a twenty year career.

Please Note: Although Mr. Ellis has been successful in many cases, please be aware that he cannot and does not guarantee any particular result for your case.

This is an attorney solicitation for the Law Offices of Eugene Ellis, addressed to California DUI defendants.

We are not your lawyer unless we have a written agreement that says we are. Nothing on this website should be taken to be legal advice. We cannot be held responsible for anything you do of your own accord.

We are not your lawyer unless we have a written agreement that says we are. Nothing on this website should be taken to be legal advice. We cannot be held responsible
for anything you do of your own accord. All posts in our blog is the personal opinion of Eugene Ellis Esq. (Mr DUI) unless stated to be fact of his own personal knowledge.