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The only San Diego attorney or San Diego law firm called upon as a consultant to NBC to appear on Face the Nation three times as well as consultant to KFMB, KNSD, and KUSI in San Diego.


Eugene Ellis is the only San Diego DUI attorney in the history of San Diego to be called to the east coast by NBC to appear on Face the Nation and debate Senator Haines on a bill that would have required all citizens convicted of a second-time DUI to drive around with “DUI” in red letters on their license plates.


Mr. Ellis told the nation in that televised interview that in his opinion the pending bill was no better than the “scarlet letter” the Puritans required ladies who were accused of “butterflying around” to wear on their dresses and was unconstitutional and would fall out of committee within six months. Six months later Senator Haines’s bill fell out of committee exactly as Mr. Ellis predicted it would before a national audience.

Mr. Ellis is called on by other local media, KFMB, KUSI, and KSND, to advise the people of San Diego County on DUI related questions. For example KFMB came to Mr. Ellis’s home on a Sunday to advise the viewers on the French DUI law when Princess Diana died in that tragic car accident in France along with Dodi Fayed. Mr. Ellis does not ask the televison and radio networks to call on him and does not pay them to appear on your local evening news. He volunteers his time in the interest of the public good. You can come in to his office and see clips of him on these TV programs as recently as last month.

Of what significance is it to the potential client that the attorney being considered for representation in a DUI/DWI has been called on to Face the Nation and debated a senator on his area of expertise?

Perhaps none, at least not in a vacuum. It is simply another independent means for the consumer to judge the qualifications of the attorney (s)he is considering to represent him/her in what to many is the most important legal event in their entire lives.

Local News programs are very hesitant to allow local vendors such as doctors, lawyers, bail bond company representatives and the like to appear on the evening news because they do not want to give the appearance of sponsoring one local business over another. They will, however, when the person or company is clearly superior and or reputable and has something to say that may assist their viewers. Accordingly it is always a great honor to be called on the local news.

Local talk shows are another story. Usually the business owner pays to be on those talk shows and thus appearing on local talk shows is of no significance, any more than if they took out any ad to make self serving statements about themselves.

NBC, CBS and the Fox news networks are in a totally different league than the local TV stations. Have you flown lately and do you realize how big this country is and how many billion people watch National Television? For NBC to do the research and fly a San Diego attorney to the east coast to debate a senator, on a scale of 1 to 10 must be a 12. These major networks have huge resources, much more than any consumer on the web, to find out about an Attorney before they invite one on their network and ask them to address the nation.

Again, in a vacuum and by itself this may not be significant; but in combination with other indicators like limiting ones practice to DUI and being called on to the local news on a regular basis and having many currently dated and positive non DUI results to show become strong evidence that you are talking to a highly qualified DUI/DWI attorney.

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