St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers Provide Free Consultations for Victims

The days following a severe car wreck are particularly challenging for victims and their families. Engaging an auto accident lawyer in St. Louis is one of the wisest things a person can do in the aftermath of a severe accident. Contrary to the beliefs of many, hiring a lawyer is need not be inspired by greed. Without a lawyer, victims and their families are vulnerable to being taken advantage of on multiple levels. Auto insurance companies are like so many others, training their employees to offer low settlements and compensations, and only responding to the demands of a trained and masterful litigator. Victims of car accidents who advocate for themselves are no match for these wily companies, who have been documented to spend unprecedented sums of money in indoctrinating their agents into low-balling clients. Similar practices, as employed by the life insurance and homeowners insurance industries, among others, have been the subject of investigations and exposes by national newspapers. Leaving the decision of your accident settlement up to a car insurance claims adjustor is like giving a greedy child responsibility for keeping track of your cash. In short, taking the initial claim offered by an insurance company ensures a future of financial hardship and ruin.

Survivors of car accidents who have suffered from head injuries are particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of by an insurance company. Head injuries are not always immediately apparent, and the full effect of such an injury may not be known for days, weeks, or even months. The long term implications of a head injury are also difficult to anticipate. Life planning consultants that work with St. Louis head injury accident lawyers can help a family anticipate and plan for the worst possible circumstances. Unknown medical needs, the potential that a person may require long term care or life-long assistance, and the rising cost of health care are all factors that, while unquantifiable immediately after an accident, may affect a family’s long term financial situation. Experts who consult with people to make projections regarding their future needs after a severe wreck base their estimates on past similar cases and expected health care cost increases. In the absence of such a consultation, a car collision survivor has no way to know what amount of money may be needed in the future to cover their care.

In fact, a sum produced from this type of consultation is typically far higher than most victims would expect, though it reflects the true potential costs of the harm that has been caused by the accident. But anyone can make the wise choice to consult with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. The best firms are those that are successful in a wide array of legal matters, and have a depth of experience litigating against large entities on behalf of individuals and families. What is most important is that you find a firm that you can trust, one that is working on your behalf to ensure a secure future. With that in place, your family can focus on the difficult task of recovery, whether physical or emotional, that inevitably follows a serious auto accident.