Missouri Truck Accident Lawsuits Suggest Corporate Negligence

It is a sad fact that the majority of bad truck accidents can be traced to fairly obvious and easy to eliminate factors. Perhaps maintenance on a truck has not been completed in a routine and timely manner, and a truck’s brakes do not work effectively in an emergency situation. Truck loading is another area that when done poorly, can lead to truly horrific accidents; bad loading makes a truck hard to steer and stop safely. Drivers that are fatigued and over-worked are another preventable cause of horrific truck accidents. Trucking accident reports show that well rested commercial truck operators are less likely to make foolish and costly mistakes than drivers that are fatigued. Trucking companies have a responsibility to follow federal safety regulations in order to keep truck travel safe, but have often been found to be in violation of basic safety laws. One very simple regulation that should be easy to adhere to but still causes a multitude of accidents is the laws stipulating that trucks must have proper emergency lights, brake lights and reflectors displayed in key areas on the vehicle. Lack of proper visibility equipment has resulted in far too many Missouri truck accident lawsuits. Warning lights and reflectors serve to warn other drivers of a truck’s presence, as well as indicate to others the size and speed of a large commercial vehicle in order to prevent collisions.

Non commercial drivers often find passing and driving near large trucks to be frightening or nerve racking. An accident between a car and a large commercial truck tends to be calamitous for the driver in the smaller vehicle and their passengers.Being a prudent and conservative driver is the only defense drivers in smaller vehicles have against truck crashes.  But if a large truck is hard to see because it lacks reflectors or working brake lights, Missouri trucking accident lawyers know that the average driver has no defenses against a large truck. If a truck is moving slowly up a steep incline and lacks flashing emergency lights, a car travelling much faster behind them is at grave risk. Rear-end style accidents may result in an under ride accident, where the smaller vehicle continues to move forward beneath the truck because of its high clearance. Under ride accidents are calamitous for the occupants of the vehicle the goes beneath the truck as the upper portion of the vehicle is typically torn off. Safety advocates are far too familiar with this type of situation, and continuously push for tighter enforcement of safety light regulations. 

Common situations that lead to a Missouri trucking accident include slowing traffic, rainstorms, night driving and fog. Severe weather conditions may make it difficult to see even amply illuminated trucks; in such cases, drivers of all vehicles would be prudent to pull off the road until visibility increases. Those are fairly rare circumstances; most accidents related to visibility would have been avoided if a truck had better safety equipment and lighting. There is no excuse for trucking companies that fail to adhere to federal regulations on such a simple matter.