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Successfully Serving San Diego Residents Since 1976


Eugene Ellis has successfully served San Diego residents since 1976. He opened the first and only San Diego Ticket Clinic in 1978 wherein he fought the DMV and the courts for San Diego citizens to keep their drivers licenses and their DMV records clear of DUI and other traffic related crimes… In those days San Diego was a lot smaller and many judges did not fully grasp just how important a driver’s license was in this town.

San Diego has grown up considerably since then, and with many years under his belt now, Mr. Ellis is known by many local DUI council as “the Professor” in the field of traffic law and DUI, which is his specialty.

There is a saying, “Common Sense is not so common,” but there is no need for you to leave your common sense at the kitchen table when you check out websites looking for a DUI attorney to handle your case.

Here is what Mr. Ellis has to say about it:

“I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant in La Jolla my wife took me to, to celebrate Father’s day. The waitress was wearing a colorful shirt that said ‘Proudly Celebrating 35 years since 1967 to 2002’.

“As I ate dinner I started to think about the significance of that shirt. My wife must have been thinking of the same thing because she said, pointing to the shirt as one of the girls passed by, “They must have good food and service here because you cannot stay in business in one town for that many years without making a lot of people happy and having a lot of return customers.” I agreed with her.

“Then I started thinking about my own service business and thought how similar my situation was to that Mexican restaurant. Both serve people off the street. In my case I have been in business for 27 long years happily serving San Diegans with their DUI and other traffic related problems.

“Also similar is the fact that 70% of my business comes from happy customers that referred me to their friends and relatives. In some cases I did not even win their cases, as no attorney can win all their cases, but in most cases they appreciated our efforts so much that they still recommended their closest friends to me. Like all San Diego businesses in similar circumstances I proudly wear the badge, “Serving San Diego residents since 1976,” and I recommend you look for that guarantee, in a profession where there are no guarantees of excellence, when you seek an attorney in such a serious matter as DUI and having a DUI on your record for life. Thank you.”

We are not your lawyer unless we have a written agreement that says we are. Nothing on this website should be taken to be legal advice. We cannot be held responsible
for anything you do of your own accord. All posts in our blog is the personal opinion of Eugene Ellis Esq. (Mr DUI) unless stated to be fact of his own personal knowledge.