Mitchell Mehdy

Known locally as MR. TICKET, Mitch is probably the only attorney in San Diego who devotes his entire practice to low-cost defense of traffic tickets and DMV Hearings!

Mitchell Mehdy passed the bar in 1985 and join the team in 1988. Since then he has fought numerous traffic tickets and assists hundreds of clients per month. At DMV hearings he has helped many clients retain their licenses after multiple tickets. Mr. Mehdy is the respected traffic ticket expert and has been featured repeatedly in the news media, including on KNSD (Channel 39), KFMB (Channel 8), KGTV (Channel 10), KUSI (Channel 9), KOGO-AM 600, KFMB-760 AM, Union Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times.

Mitch has been 100% successful in getting Red Light Camera ticket offenses dismissed. He has even got many red light cameras turned off in San Diego County. [Read the story here]

There are numerous reasons to keep a clean driving record:

1) As many motorists know, a clean driving record is important in keeping your insurance rates low.
2) A clean driving record is important in keeping your license.
3) For some, a clean driving record is important in keeping your job.

An attorney who specializes in traffic tickets will be better able to help you. Experience breeds expertise. Expertise helps clients with legal matters. Choose an attorney with more traffic ticket defense and DMV Hearing experience than any other attorney in San Diego.

Mr. Ticket, Mitchell Mehdy:

For over 23 years, Mitchell Mehdy has slugged it out in the trenches of the courts helping hundreds of clients per month. At DMV hearings Mr. Mehdy has helped many clients keep their licenses after multiple tickets! He can help you avoid getting points on your license after multiple tickets!


Abel Galván

In 1995, Abel Galván joined Mr. Ticket and has devoted his legal career to fighting traffic tickets. He has appeared on KFMB ( Channel 8 ) as a traffic ticket expert. Attorney Abel Galván is fluent in Spanish. He attended the University of San Diego and Pepperdine University School of Law where he graduated with honors.

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